Moon Blocks Partners with Bit Pay to Enable Crypto Payments!

• Moon Blocks and Bit Pay have joined forces to enable cryptocurrency-based payments on the Moon Blocks platform.
• The goal is to make digital currencies more usable as a payment tool, despite their volatility.
• By accepting crypto payments, Moon Blocks is able to offer lower prices and attract customers who prefer digital currencies.

Moon Blocks & Bit Pay Enable Crypto Payments

Web3 and fintech company Moon Blocks has teamed up with payment processor Bit Pay to allow for crypto-based payments on its platform. This move is part of an effort to make bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies more viable as payment tools despite their volatility in price.

Benefits of Crypto Payments

Accepting cryptocurrency payments provides many advantages to users. For one, it helps build trust with potential clients by showing that Moon Blocks caters to a crypto-savvy audience. Additionally, this method avoids high transaction fees associated with traditional payment methods, allowing for potentially lower prices for clients. Finally, embracing decentralization through crypto payments positions the company as an industry leader.

Volatility of Cryptocurrency Prices

The main challenge faced when using digital currencies as a means of exchange lies in their volatile nature; it can be difficult to predict the direction of their value over time. To illustrate this point, consider the example of someone who pays $50 worth of merchandise with bitcoin at one store only for the price to decrease 24 hours later and leave the store out of pocket by $10 in fiat currency terms. As such, many businesses are hesitant about adopting these kinds of payments due to potential losses they could face down the line.

Moon Block’s Goals

Moon Blocks seeks to make these digital assets accessible for everyday use while keeping true to their original purpose: serving as a reliable form of payment instead of being seen solely as speculative or hedge assets like they have in recent years been viewed as by some people due do their volatile nature . Giuseppe – CEO at Moon Block – said: “We want to show that we understand and cater to a crypto-savvy audience [and] by accepting cryptocurrency payments we can avoid high transaction fees associated with traditional payment methods… Embracing decentralization is at the heart our philosophy… Accepting cryptocurrency payments can help us position ourselves as a leader in [the] industry”


The collaboration between Moon Block and Bit Pay shows great promise when it comes making cryptocurrencies easier and safer for people use them regularly transactions without having worry too much about price fluctuations . By offering more options flexibility , enterprises like these are helping push digital currency closer its goals becoming mainstream .