Crypto Network Solana Sets Up Huge Office in New York

• Solana, the popular crypto network, is opening a new office in downtown Manhattan, New York.
• The news is odd for several reasons, especially because the Empire State has proven to be quite anti-crypto over the past few years.
• Solana plans to offer free co-working space to entrepreneurs in its building.

Solana Sets Up Office in New York

The popular crypto network Solana is opening a new office in downtown Manhattan, New York. The office will occupy roughly 25,000 square feet in a multiple-story building. Despite the fact that several brick-and-mortar Solana stores have recently shut down in both New York and Miami, this decision shows that the company believes in the potential of this area for crypto innovation.

Unusual Match between Solana and New York

The news is odd for several reasons. Firstly, it appears that the area hasn’t offered Solana the popularity or attention it felt it deserved before this move was made. In addition, it’s interesting that Solana would choose New York as its place of residence given that the Empire State has proven to be quite anti-crypto over the past several years and continues to do so. A crypto moratorium was instituted recently as a means of preventing any new digital currency mining companies from setting up quarters within state borders. Furthermore, Leticia James – New York’s present Attorney General – has gone after every digital currency company she can with full force and steam through numerous lawsuits against institutions like Celsius and Coin Ex .

Free Co-Working Space for Entrepreneurs

A spokesperson for the company explained that 75 percent of their space will be reserved for free co-working opportunities for entrepreneurs who are approved by them. This allows those working within or on projects related to blockchain technology or other forms of cryptocurrency to easily collaborate with one another on projects related to their respective fields. Andrew Kimball – president and CEO of NYCEDC – also expressed his enthusiasm towards this venture by stating: “We are thrilled to welcome such an innovative company [like] Solana into our ecosystem […] We look forward to watching them grow here [in] NYC.“

Anti-Crypto Stance Not Going Anywhere

Despite all these positive developments regarding cryptocurrency innovation taking place in New York City , many believe that its anti-crypto stance will not change anytime soon due to various political influences on decision makers within the state . Thus far, most attempts at creating legislation which would positively affect cryptocurrency growth have been met with much opposition or completely ignored .


Solana’s decision to open an office in downtown Manhattan shows faith in this region as one where innovation can still take place despite stringent regulations against digital currencies implemented by certain members of government . It remains unclear whether these changes will bear any fruit, but many believe that there is still hope left despite current circumstances .