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Survey: 25 percent of crypto users think their cryptos are too secure

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96 percent of the exchange users use some form of two-factor authentication and 87 percent of the hardware wallet users make test transactions.

Cryptocurrency hardware wallet maker Ngrave released the first results of its ongoing crypto security survey on Wednesday

The results provide an insight into the current state of security in the digital asset space and show that a quarter of users consider their current security measures to be more effective than they actually are.

So far, over 1,400 crypto users from 78 countries around the world have taken part in the survey. Despite efforts to promote Crypto Trader in this area, 90 percent of respondents were male. Over 60 percent fell into the 25 to 45 age group.

Of the respondents, 62 percent held at least some of their cryptocurrencies on an exchange. Every third person holds over 40 percent of their assets on a single exchange.

The vast majority (96 percent) of those who hold assets on exchanges use some form of two-factor authentication (2FA). However, one in four does not make a backup copy of their 2FA code.

Also, nearly half of those surveyed back up their exchange login credentials either online or in an inconsistent manner. In addition, 44 percent of exchange users do not have a whitelist for payout addresses.

Two thirds of the respondents use a hardware wallet. Three quarters of these are USB devices, and 87 percent of hardware wallet users conduct test transactions before making major withdrawals.

However, 67 percent of users of hardware wallets keep their backup copies on a paper wallet. More than half confirmed that their private keys would be compromised if someone found the backup copy

In addition to hardware wallets, Ngrave also produces Graphene. This is a method of storing a wallet backup key that is engraved on steel plates. Both plates are needed to restore the key.

The poll is still running. People who want to check out their own cryptocurrency security can take part. The company also offers practical tips for improving the security measures used.

Bill Miller: Risiko forbundet med BTC forsvinder, når prisen bliver større

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Bill Miller – en værdiinvestor – er en af ​​bare mange mennesker, der ser ud til at have ændret deres melodi på bitcoin . Det plejede at være, at bitcoin var et ekstremt bekymrende, potentielt endog farligt aktiv at investere i i betragtning af hvor ustabilt det var. Det plejede at være, at bitcoin var en valuta, der var meget sårbar over for indflydelse udefra, og som let kunne manipuleres.

Bill Miller om Bitcoin – Når det bliver større, går risikoen ned

Miller har dog sagt, at hver gang bitcoin stræber efter en større pris , forsvinder noget af denne risiko. Han siger, at så længe bitcoin fortsætter med at bevæge sig op ad den finansielle stige, bliver det mindre og mindre farligt for hverdagshandlere.

I et nylig interview kommenterede han:

Det får mindre risiko, jo højere det går. Det er det modsatte af, hvad der sker med de fleste aktier. Bitcoins samlede udbud vokser mindre end to procent om året, og det er tydeligt af prisen, at efterspørgslen vokser meget, meget hurtigere end det. Så længe det opnås, vil bitcoin sandsynligvis gå højere og måske betydeligt højere.

I skrivende stund handler bitcoin for anden gang denne måned ud over $ 40.000. Det ser ud til, at de bullish tendenser, aktivet har haft i løbet af det sidste halve år, vil fortsætte, hvilket betyder, at endnu mindre risiko vil være forbundet med den tildelte valuta Millers ord er korrekte.

Som grundlægger og administrerende direktør for Miller Value Partners forklarede han yderligere, at selvom han ikke kan forudsige nøjagtigt, hvor BTC vil være i de kommende uger eller måneder, har han ideer om, hvor det kan gå, og hvor højt det kan komme. Han forklarede:

Jeg synes, at bitcoin … sandsynligvis burde være op 50 til 100 procent herfra i de næste 12 til 18 måneder, og hvis du skulle spørge mig om eller under, ville jeg helt sikkert sige, at det ville være meget mere sandsynligt at være højere end nederste.

Bliv opmærksom på flygtighed

Imidlertid sagde han yderligere, at mens bitcoin har været ret solid for sent, er volatilitet ikke noget fra fortiden, og investorer er nødt til at være forsigtige, da dette stadig i høj grad er en gyldig trussel, der kan nedbringe bitcoin – eller enhver form af krypto – når som helst. Han nævnte:

Jeg tror, ​​at hvis du ikke kan tage det, bør du sandsynligvis ikke eje bitcoin. Aktivet har tendens til at bevæge sig i anspor, som har tendens til at blive fulgt af korrektioner. Jeg tror, ​​der har været tre korrektioner på 80 procent, hvilket er normalt i denne type temmelig tidlig teknologi med et ret stort samlet adresserbart marked.

Miller har ejet bitcoin i årevis og hævdede oprindeligt i et interview med CNBC i 2018, at han var begyndt at købe enheder cirka tre eller fire år tidligere. Siden begyndelsen af ​​september har bitcoin tilføjet omkring 230 procent til sin pris.

Bitpanda CEO says the days of indifference about Bitcoin are over

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Eric Demuth, the CEO of Bitpanda, said that the days of confusion and indifference about Bitcoin are over

Eric Demuth, the CEO of Bitpanda, said that the days of confusion and indifference about Bitcoin are over, and shared his opinion with Cointelegraph en Español, about what has happened with Bitcoin in the last time.

„There’s no denying that Bitcoin has proven to be an established, high-performing asset. In 2020, its value grew more than 300% as more institutional investors took the leap to embrace digital currencies,“ said Demuth.

„We’re seeing this crypto currency become part of the recommended diversification strategy for institutional investors and investment banks. This underscores the importance of this asset in the investment world,“ he added.

In this scenario, he also said that from the Bitpanda platform they are noticing „a spectacular increase of new private clients that enter the market daily, indicating the beginning of a rally never seen before“.

„Although with possible ups and downs, Bitcoin is about to become the gold of the 21st century,“ said Demuth.

On the other hand, Alejandro Zala, Bitpanda Country Manager in Spain, said:

„Bitcoin is not the only player in the crypto world. Just one day after Bitcoin surpassed $34,000 for the first time in its history, Ether joined the party, consolidating its strength in the first days of 2021 with advances of up to 43 percent.

According to Zala, in a moment of uncertainty like the present one, it can be confirmed that the crypto currency rally does not show signs of weakness and other currencies are following the upward trend.

„The main financial players are reinforcing their portfolios with a view to 2021 and are looking for protection in the face of a scenario of low interest rates in the long term and an increase in inflation due to the monetary injection from the ECB“, Zala pointed out.

For the past few days, bitcoin’s dominance has been back above 70%.

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This is mainly due to the continuous records set by the price of BTC.

For example, this night a new all-time high was reached at around $28,500, slightly higher than the previous high set on December 27.

Right now there are very few major cryptocurrencies whose price is close to all-time highs. In particular, only Bitcoin Future review in the month of December has far exceeded the previous highs, while Binance Coin is more or less back to the levels of the highs recorded last year.

All the other main cryptocurrencies have prices below their historical highs, in some cases even very far away.

Therefore, it is inevitable that Bitcoin’s dominance will grow, although the third largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Tether (USDT), is at an all-time high in terms of market capitalization.

According to CoinMarketCap’s data, 2020 had opened with Bitcoin’s dominance at 68%, and closes with dominance at 70%.

The difference may seem minimal, but since very often the entire crypto market tends to follow the trend of bitcoin’s price, it remains the same significant.

Bitcoin’s dominance in history

Suffice it to say that in the first half of December 2017, i.e. while the last big speculative bubble was forming, bitcoin’s dominance was around 60%, despite the bubble involving the entire crypto market.

It touched a low peak at 32% in the middle of the following month, before the speculative bubble on altcoins burst and ended up bringing it back to 45% in April 2018.

Since then, however, it has slowly climbed back up, so that it was already back to 55% in September.

70% was reached again for the first time in September 2019, and since then Bitcoin’s dominance had always been below this threshold.

Therefore, the current level is the highest reached since the formation and bursting of the speculative bubble in 2017, so much so that for example in mid-September 2020 it had fallen to 56%, due to the boom in DeFi tokens.

In other words, the crypto market in the last months of this year was literally dominated by bitcoin, which returned to all-time highs not only in price, but also in dominance.

Tether’s CTO, Paolo Ardoino, said:

„Bitcoin’s dominance is inevitable after a tumultuous year that saw the king of cryptocurrencies increase in price from under $4,000 in March to a new all-time high of over $28,000. Although a growing institutional presence has been part of the narrative of the current bull run, we could see an increase in retail investor interest in Bitcoin as a form of digital gold. This could also bolster interest in the many innovative projects being implemented in the digital token space.“

Analisi dei prezzi BTC: dopo il crollo di $ 2K, il recupero recente di Bitcoin si terrà?

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Il prezzo del bitcoin ha finalmente iniziato a correggere dal suo rally parabolico a nuovi massimi storici. Durante la sessione di trading europea di oggi, abbiamo visto la prima candela oraria chiudersi sotto il supporto del pattern a cuneo rialzista ribassista (linee gialle), intorno alle 09:00 UTC.

I cunei in aumento sono modelli classici di inversione ribassista e in genere si traducono in forti correzioni

Il breakout di questa mattina ha segnalato al resto del mercato che BTC stava per precipitare bruscamente e pochi minuti dall’inizio della nuova candela, il prezzo del bitcoin è precipitato oltre $ 980. La forte divergenza dell’RSI sul grafico di Bitcoin (linea gialla sull’RSI) è stata anche una forte indicazione che il precedente trend rialzista si stava indebolendo e che presto era prevista una correzione.

47 miliardi di dollari sono stati spazzati via durante il picco dell’inversione, secondo i dati di Coinmarketcap , che ha toccato il fondo a 21.874 dollari prima di superare i 23.000 dollari.

Livelli di prezzo da tenere d’occhio nel breve termine

Sul grafico orario BTC / USD, possiamo vedere che l’EMA 200 (rosso) ha fornito il forte supporto di BTC necessario per respingere il trend ribassista iniziale. Da allora, i rialzisti sono riusciti a mettere in scena una ripresa risalendo verso la 50-EMA (blu), che ora agisce come una resistenza intraday.

Questo punto si sovrappone anche alla massima resistenza di un’area chiave S / R (barra verde in alto) che, fino ad oggi, aveva contribuito a sostenere il prezzo di Bitcoin durante la sessione di negoziazione di ieri. Ora dovremmo aspettarci che BTC torni indietro da quest’area e continui al ribasso, a meno che, naturalmente, non arrivi uno slancio di acquisto significativo durante la sessione di trading asiatica più tardi oggi.

Guardando di seguito, esamineremo le seguenti aree per fornire opportunità di rimbalzo per i trader rialzisti nel resto di questa settimana;

(1) $ 22.700 – 0,236 livello di Fibonacci e livello S / R chiave.
(2) $ 22.300 – Zona di supporto del blocco ordini (seconda barra verde dall’alto).
(3) $ 21,950 – linea EMA 200 (rossa).
(4) $ 21.730 – 0,382 Livello di Fibonacci e livello inferiore della zona di supporto del blocco dell’ordine successivo.

Se i rialzisti di Bitcoin riescono a superare la linea dei 50 MAD nel breve termine, tuttavia, il precedente livello di supporto del cuneo in aumento e la zona rossa intorno all’area dei 24.000 $ saranno le principali resistenze da superare.

Capitale di mercato totale: 660 miliardi di dollari.
Capitale di mercato Bitcoin: $ 430 miliardi.
Dominanza Bitcoin: 65,3%

Stock exchange chief Alexander Höptner becomes CEO of Bitmex-Holding

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Alexander Höptner, CEO of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange since 2018, will be the new head of 100x, the holding company behind the Bitcoin derivatives exchange Bitmex.

December begins with a bang: with Alexander Höptner, the head of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange is switching to the crypto industry

In January 2021, Höptner will take up his new position as CEO of the 100x Group. It is the holding company of the Crypto Cash derivatives platform Bitmex .

The BitMEX platform forever changed the way we trade cryptocurrencies, and 100x Group will forever change the way we use modern financial services. […] I will ensure that the 100x Group and the BitMEX platform continue to play a leading, constructive role in the global development of the digital asset markets.

JustTRADE is the first German provider to offer an all-in-one solution for trading crypto currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, …) stocks, ETFs and certificates. The website & app are designed intuitively, offer many useful features and are suitable for both beginners and advanced traders. The best: there are no transaction costs or network fees.

Höptner can be quoted in a press release on December 1st .

Alex comes to us at a time when the company is on the path of transformation into our next phase of growth and development and I am confident that he will make an important contribution with his experience.

David Wong, Chairman of the 100x Group, is certain

Höptner gained the experience to which Wong alludes both on the traditional trading floor and in the crypto space. He held various management positions at Deutsche Börse AG for 15 years before becoming CEO at Boerse Stuttgart in 2018. There, Germany’s first regulated trading platform for digital assets was created under his leadership with the Stuttgart Digital Exchange (BSDEX) .

In Stuttgart, however, Höptner’s departure is grudgingly accepted:

We very much regret Mr. Höptner’s departure and would like to thank him for his excellent work in recent years. We wish Mr. Höptner all the best for the future,

commentedMichael Völter from the Vereinigung Baden-Württembergische Wertpapierbörse eV, the parent company of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, made the move from Alexander Höptner to Bitmex Holding. One can assume that this at 100x will also contribute to blurring the boundaries between crypto and traditional financial markets.

Companies have over $15 billion of Bitcoin on their balance sheet

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The corporate fomo seems to have started definitively as companies already have over $15 billion of bitcoin on their balance sheets. In total, more than 842 thousand bitcoin is involved.

With a price of, at the time of writing, about $18200, that means a total value of more than $15 billion. To be precise, companies now have 842,229 bitcoin in their hands. That is 4.54% of the total supply (!).

You can find these statistics on Bitcoin Treasuries.

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Why the corporate bitcoin fomo starts right now
It all started, of course, with MicroStrategy, which suddenly bought over $200 million worth of bitcoin in August. Shortly after that they bought the next big chunk in September and then it went off.

Not long after the announcement, the big Square followed them with a cautious investment of $50 million. In the meantime, both MicroStrategy and Square have already made good money on their investment. This is mainly reflected in MicroStrategy’s share.

The demand for bitcoin from companies seems to grow along with bitcoin’s reputation as a store of value. With practically the same properties as gold, but a much smaller market cap, the growth potential of bitcoin is enormous.

Bitcoin is gold on steroids

Normally, assets such as gold are mainly used to protect a portfolio against a bad market. When the economy is going badly, gold often does well. The ultimate insurance on your portfolio.

In good times, however, gold is not such an interesting investment at all. The great thing about bitcoin is that it is both an insurance on the financial system, and an asset that has shown considerable growth even in good times.

The relatively poor economic outlook makes it likely that central banks around the world will continue to print money en masse. This massive devaluation of money will only improve the long-term prospects for bitcoin.

Bitcoin is made for the macroeconomic environment in which we currently find ourselves. The corporate fomo for bitcoin seems to have begun.

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Start for Ethereum 2.0: the community commits $ 6 million

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The end of a (very) long wait? Ethereum has finally started its launch process for phase 0 of its version 2.0. Already, future stakers have sent their ETHs on the contract. But are they as numerous as expected?

Community begins to commit funds for Ethereum 2.0

To say that Ethereum 2.0 and staking were expected is an understatement for the community of the second largest cryptocurrency at the moment. Bitcoin Profit went through long years of development and several hitches before it could move the project forward. But we now know the launch date of phase 0, which was announced by the Ethereum foundation on Wednesday.

On Ethereum Launchpad, which gathers information about the launch of Ethereum 2.0, we can see that more than 15,400 ETH have already been “staked” . This is a considerable commitment for users: these ETHs cannot be withdrawn before phase 2 of Ethereum 2.0, i.e. in at least two years.

Currently 15,400 ETH is over $ 6 million . For the mainnet to start, however, the community will have to send 524,888 ETH to the contract, so we are still a long way from it. Which did not fail to raise doubts within the crypto community.

Will Ethereum succeed in mobilizing investors?

A recently published Consensys report pointed to a potential limitation of Ethereum 2.0. Investors may want to wait before committing their funds … Especially if the grass is greener elsewhere:

“There is concern that ETH hodlers might (at best) wait to see how much the initial staking brings in , comparing it to the DeFi sector . At worst, they could also choose not to “risk” locking in their ETH before phase 1.5, which will take place at least in a year and a half, in case a bull run […] occurs in the meantime. “

The launch of ETH 2.0 indeed comes at a time when the prices of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether are on an upward slope. For ETH holders, therefore, it makes sense to wait and see where it goes.

In addition, the DeFi sector is also in competition … If one is ready to assume the risks. The „Degens“ have shown that they do not hesitate to send their funds to risky contracts in order to take advantage of opportunities, Andre Cronje has experienced this several times. A less risky investment, but also less immediate, will it therefore be enough to tempt ETH holders in sufficient numbers?

SBI pays e-athletes with XRP

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Japanese financial group SBI Holdings recently signed contracts with two e-athletes. They receive their salary in the form of the cryptocurrency XRP.

According to a press releaseFrom October 15, 2020, the Japanese company SBI Holdings hired two professional e-athletes

The special thing about it is that SBI pays the salaries of the talents in the form of the crypto currency XRP. The e-athletes Kenji Suzuki and Subaro Sagano would have wished for this in their contracts. Thus, SBI e-Sports not only strengthens its presence in the e-sports scene, but also drives its own crypto growth.

SBI e-Sports was founded in June 2020 and is a subsidiary of SBI Holdings. It seems like the company is looking to take the opportunity to accelerate the adoption of XRP. In September 2020, the company announced a sponsorship deal with SBI VC Trade . The company is pursuing a plan to create a market for digital assets and cryptocurrencies based on the „customer-centric principle“.

SBI: Long been on the crypto course

Even then, the intent of the treaty became clear. It was determined that e-athletes should be paid their annual salary exclusively in XRP. The two new members of the e-sports department announced via social media that we are very happy about their contract. They would do their best to support SBI e-Sports and fuel its growth. They didn’t say a word about the fact that their salary was paid exclusively in XRP.

In addition to e-sports, SBI primarily promotes the use of other crypto products. The company made it clear that its ambitions were far higher, however.

As an innovator creating service companies with the help of crypto assets, we want to develop and maintain a healthy market based on customer focus, improving prices, increasing liquidity, etc.

How serious SBI is with the blockchain can be seen in the fact that the e-sports department announced that it will be issuing its own security token . An offer that would earn the company 50 million yen is expected to close on October 30th.

Ripple Introduces XRP Lending and Announces New Partnership

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Ripple has activated a credit function in RippleNet for small and medium-sized companies and has also announced a partnership with Lemon Way.

Corporate financing via traditional bank loans is fraught with bureaucratic hurdles and is often tough in practice. Bitcoin Revival wants to simplify the process with a view to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and is presenting a newly activated beta function in RippleNet.

In the future, companies will also be able to take out loans via its ODL payment solution

The abbreviation stands for On-Demand Liquidity, a software solution tailored for interbank transactions in which the in-house XRP is used as a bridge currency for fast and inexpensive transactions between financial institutions. With pre-financed liquidity accounts, transactions can be quickly distributed across the globe using ODL. Banks can access an XRP token pool. The original national currency is first exchanged for XRP and then changed to the target currency when the transaction is completed.

Limited access to working capital is a major barrier to growth for many companies. Unlike established companies that have large balance sheets that allow them to scale their business quickly, many fintechs and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) lack the capital and resources to be competitive,

it says in the press release. RippleNet customers who use the ODL payment solution can use the line-of-credit function to purchase XRP from Ripple on credit for appropriate fees. Various Ripple customers have already tested the service as part of a pilot program.

True to the motto „Send Now, Pay Later“, customers can bypass the slow grinding mill when taking out a bank loan and quickly pump up the company with liquid funds.

The feature also opens up the possibility of using the capital freed up from pre-funded accounts and continuing to invest in their business in order to open up new markets and reach new customers.

This gives small businesses in particular the opportunity to participate in global payment transactions quickly and with low fees.

Ripple partnership with Lemon Way

In addition, Ripple has announced a new partnership with the company Lemon Way. The fintech develops payment solutions for online marketplaces and crowdfunding projects. The partnership means that Lemon Way will in future be connected to the payment service provider Nium via the RippleNet hub.

More than 1,400 European marketplaces, including 200 crowdfunding platforms, are already using Lemon Way’s payment services. In view of the constantly increasing transaction volumes, the company docks with RippleNet in order to process transactions in cross-border payment transactions more quickly.

Martin-Pierre Gaultier, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer of Lemon Way shares in the press release With:

As an innovative company, we are always looking for new business models and technological capabilities that will enable us to offer better services to our dealers. Our partnership with Ripple is a testament to this, and we are excited to offer faster, more cost-effective withdrawals to support the evolving needs of our customers and merchants.

The connection to RippleNet enables Lemon Way to process transactions with financial institutions in real time and at low fees. This is an important step to win new customers and also anchor the Ripple payment infrastructure a little more in online trading.